Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate your services?

We calculate our services in hourly rate. For SAME DAY COURIER and TRANSPORT we calculate the time  from pick up to delivery destination. For REMOVAL services it starts when we arrive to your destination and stops when the last item is unloaded.

We have other charges by quarter-hour increments after the full hour is exceeded or if it takes less than hour. E.g. your job takes 1h 10min it will be:  1 x £40 + 0.25 x £40 in total £50.

We calculate as SAME DAY COURIER service in higher rate £50/ hour if the distance for delivery will exceed 15 miles. This doesn´t apply for REMOVAL SERVICES, only for goods deliveries. For REMOVAL SERVICES the rate £40/hour is the same for any distance.

How can I pay for your services?

You can pay for our services by cash or by credit card. For credit card payments we use mobile PayPal card terminal, so you don´t have to worry about cash. You don´t need to have PayPal account for credit card payments.

Is there a VAT charge?

No, there is no VAT charge on our services.

Do you apply a minimum charge?

No, we do not impose a minimum charge. We are flexible even in small jobs that take less than one hour. We calculate these jobs by quarter-hour increments. We do not calculate in minutes.

Are you insured?

Yes, our van is insured for carriage of goods for hire and reward, that covers our cargo as we carry it.



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Areas We Cover

With our HQ based in Harlow we mostly cover areas in Harlow and nearby, while also servicing the entire UK.

Please note: As local service provider we cover the area within 5 miles from Harlow. If your home or pick up area is farer, then we will charge the time required to arrive to your destination in our hourly rate.

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